Infrastructure, Building and Workshop:

The Growth of a Department is measured by its infrastructure and achievements. Every year, the university grants us huge capital to update and expand our Facilities. Today, we have two dedicated buildings to house all our equipments. Students can not only understand the working of various components but also perform various tests on the vehicles. We would like to thank our partners who have contributed various components and working models. We would specially like to thank Bosch India for setting up their Training Centre inside our Facility.

Sl. No. Ownership Document/Lease agreement for rented building In Square Metres Link to scanned document/image
1 Total area 806
2 Covered Area 806
3 Total Class Rooms Area 104
4 Total Workshops Area 376 +55
5 Drawing Hall 52
6 Audio Visual Hall 30
7 Computer Lab 15
8 Play Area
9 Library 15